What to do if your property hasn’t been sold in 90 days?

If your desire is to sell your house, it may be concerning the fact that you haven’t received any
offers after being on the market for 90 days. It clearly shows that there is a problem either with
the house or the asking price. But, what are your options if your house has not been sold in 90
days? Let’s find out.

Your marketing was not effective

Any new house that comes up on the market creates a buzz around it in the first few days. This
is the time when the owner can build up curiosity in the prospective buyer’s minds through
creative and innovative marketing methods. The fact that you’ve received visitors but not offers
clearly tells that you have failed to convey the right message across the buyer’s minds.

Your asking price was too high

A crucial factor regarding unsold homes is its asking price. You’re emotionally attached to your
house and believe it’s the best one on the market, but homes aren’t sold based on the owner’s
emotions but by what the buyers need and want from them. You need to set the right price in
consultation with your agent in order to catch the buyer’s attention; they can become
interested when they think what they are buying has the right price.

What to do if your house did not sell in 90 days

If you get no substantive offers in 90 days, you have two options in front of you. Either start
making repairs in order to make your house seem more attractive for prospective buyers or set
the correct asking price. Maybe buyers liked the house, but they liked a bit better other houses
in your area. Many buyers are ready to compromise on their choice if they’re getting a house
for a lower price.

Get an honest feedback from all visitors and try to find the common thread running in these
comments. If you can get to the bottom of the problem, you can fix it. Otherwise, the only
option in front of you is to lower the asking price.

If you think the asking price of your property is right, it’s probably time to find another real
estate agent that can help you sell your house.